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The Doing Scary Things Podcast

Mar 28, 2019

Hi friends! Today we check-in to our own messy middle process with an inspiring update (because that's what we do here).

We discuss:

-Social Media does not show EVERYTHING

-You are not alone in doing your scary thing!

-The non-glamorous parts of chasing your dreams

-Why it's not fun to operate out of the "bare minimum" and why learning to rest is a non-negotioable

-Why it's important to keep being consistent, even when you don't feel seen

-Inclusivity and why we're seeking a community, not an audience

-Learn what our worst idea to date has been!

-What almost ALL of our guests have said when we asked them to be on the pod!

-Why death forces us to look at life differently

-How can I do things that will bring me joy and that will allow me to be proud of what I do with my life

-What to do when resistance hits (UGH)

-Why mindset is everything

-Why adjusting your own timeline is okay and sometimes necessary

-Sometimes change and the things outside of your control lead to good things!

-Why deadlines can be helpful

-Leveraging your experience

-Why Life (Like Us) is Dynamic 


"Nobody's getting out of here alive."


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