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The Doing Scary Things Podcast

Feb 27, 2020

Today we are talking with Makaila Borgerson about both her brilliant career creating art and her experience with her own mental health diagnosis. She bravely shares that, though this is a part of her, it does not define her. She shares what this journey has been like for her & how she has learned more about herself from...

Feb 20, 2020

Today we are talking with Melisa Celikel, owner of Make Sht Happen, LLC about how she left her 15 year corporate career working for Fortune 500 companies to creating a career she didn't want for herself, to once again pivoting and finally creating a job she loves! 

We ask her about being a first generation US Citizen,...

Feb 13, 2020

Today, Anna is flying solo for our first ever minisode!

She is sharing with us:

-How to be aware and familiar with your internal world

-How to see yourself in relation to yourself, others, and/or a higher power

-The Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical parts of ourselves & how each part contains wisdom that can teach...

Feb 6, 2020

Dr. Matt Smith has a revolutionary approach to health, healing and maximizing human potential. We loved getting to chat with him about what kind of services he offers his clients and what it’s been like opening his own business. Along with his wife, Dr. Monica Smith, the Dr.’s own Rev Center for Optimal Living in...