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The Doing Scary Things Podcast

Feb 28, 2019

Today we chat with Eric Stoff - a husband, father, and musician who is about to embark on an epic journey - living life full time on the road in an RV with his wife and two young babies. Together we discuss:

-Learning how to rest on purpose

-The process of producing his latest album at home

-Why it's so hard for him to...

Feb 21, 2019

Today's episode came from a listener question, "How do you choose a direction or focus when you're torn between multiple things? I love a lot of things and want to know how to do everything?"

First, let us clarify: You can have more than one passion, only one, and your passions can also change - these are all okay...

Feb 14, 2019

Today we talk with the one and only, Meg Kissack. Meg is host of the Couragemakers Podcast and creator of That Hummingbird Life, an online community offering 100+ practical and rebel-rousing posts about creativity, courage and dream-chasing, and what it means to show up in the world and own, live and share your story....

Feb 7, 2019

Today we discuss the scary question: Is there really room for everyone in my career field?

Why do some people and industries feel exclusive? Is this needed and/or helpful?

Topics discussed:

-It's impossible to judge people's capabilities 

-Benchmarks & other judgements are only helpful when being applied to...